Are you wondering how you can better leverage Pinterest to promote your business and grow your brand? It all starts with building your community! Here are some stellar tips that will help you grow your brand’s presence on this platform:

1.     Be Active and Engaging

Engage with your Pinterest Community

The more you engage with your Pinterest community, the more they will engage with you. People always enjoy the attention and positive feedback from their pins. By leaving a positive impression on a user when commenting on their pin or offering feedback, you are not only more likely to gain them as a follower, but you will increase your exposure with other users and allow them to get to know you and your brand as well.

Another way to capture attention from other pinners is to mention them in your captions. Similar to Twitter, you can ‘@mention’ someone on Pinterest which can be a great feature if you want to let someone know that you’ve pinned their content. This will also send an immediate message to that user and may even prompt them to repin your content.

Build Relationships with Influencers

Every social media platform has influencers who are well known within their respective industry. Find those influencers who already have the attention of your target audience and make the effort to begin to build relationships with those individuals by following them and repinning or commenting on content that you like. This will allow you to engage with them and your target audience a lot faster.

Encourage Others to Pin your Content

Paid campaigns, such as contests or paid advertising, are a great way to engage community members and can also help increase your chances of converting more page followers. Pinterest recently announced that it will be testing out Promoted Pins, much like Twitter’s Promoted Tweets and Facebook’s Promoted posts ad products.

2.     Increase Referral Traffic from your Website

 “Follow Me” and “Pin it” Buttons

Both the Pinterest “Follow Me” button and the “Pin it” button drive website visitors directly to your Pinterest page from your website or blog. This can be highly effective if you already experience a high volume of traffic to your website and will give you the opportunity to generate added engagement with an audience who already feels connected to your brand.

Profile & Board Widgets

Widgets (interactive tools that allows you to promote your Pinterest content on your website or blog) are a great way to share your Pinterest account with people who visit your website. This may be even more effective than the “Follow Me” button because it is a larger and more interactive unitl plus pinners can explore and Pin your most popular content without leaving your website.

To create your button or widget, use the widget builder page on Pinterest.

3.     Connect with Other Social Networks

Twitter + Facebook

Create a cohesive brand message throughout all of your social media profiles by showcasing your most interesting pins and encouraging members of your Twitter and Facebook communities to follow you and your brand on Pinterest.

Using these tips will help you to grow your community and increase engagement on Pinterest. More followers will allow you to expand your reach, increase your visibility and ultimately generate a higher return on your investment.

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