Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard mention of the hit mobile app Angry Birds, the game that has already resulted in one billion downloads, according to the Wall Street Journal (not to mention countless hours of lost productivity). Recently, the popular mobile game has teamed up with the NFL, becoming the Philadelphia Eagles’ newest partner.

This will be the first partnership with a pro sports team for Rovio’s Angry Birds. According to mashable, the result will be a new version of the game with an Eagles theme, a social marketing campaign and Jumbotron replays with an Angry Birds theme. Introducing the newest team members is a cartoon version of Eagles coach, Andy Reid:

The demographic of NFL fans is changing; younger audience members have practically grown up with a smartphone in hand. Social media isn’t just a normal part of their every day routine – it’s often their top choice for sharing and communicating with others. That said, if brands that have been historically associated with traditional media (TV) hope to continue engaging this audience on a large scale, it’s time they come up with new and creative ways of doing that. The Eagles, it seems, have done just that by teaming up with one of the most downloaded (and used) apps out there today. And the fact that both of them follow a bird theme makes the partnership all the more natural.

Ari Roitman, Eagles’ senior VP of business, said of Rovio, “This is, for them, a test the waters type of a partnership and we desperately wanted to go first,” Roitman said. “We did not want anyone else in this country to have a partnership with these guys before we did. It’s a pretty competitive avian sports nickname landscape out there,” said the WSJ.

So what do you think? Will the partnership strike a chord with young fans across the country?

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Image Source: 6abc.com