When you think of exciting and innovative social media campaigns, financial institutions and bank marketing probably doesn’t come to mind. And although the financial and banking industry is often restricted by regulations that shape most external communication, Facebook marketing provides a great way for institutions to give their companies personality. Although often overlooked, marketing your bank through Facebook is a great way to humanize your brand and connect with consumers on a personal level. Here are five tips for getting started with your bank’s Facebook marketing efforts.

1. Talk About More Than Banking

Let’s face it: banking chatter can be boring. And since social media is all about engagement, you shouldn’t bore your audience with something that doesn’t pique their interest. After all, if they want to learn more about banking, they’re likely to first check out your website rather than your Facebook page. So don’t be afraid to step outside the bank marketing box – engage Facebook users by asking questions they’re interested in or posting content they can relate to. Citi, for example, uses its Facebook page to ask location-themed questions, such as “Has your city hosted any major sporting events?”

2. Everyone Loves a Contest

Another great way for your bank to interact with consumers through Facebook marketing is by using your page to promote a contest. When HSBC Students launched its Facebook page in 2010, it was at the same time a major scholarship contest was underway. By promoting it exclusively on their Facebook page, the bank marketing the contest saw tremendous interaction with the community, including 40,000 votes and 3,000 comments.

3. Reach Job Seekers & Their Peers

By using your Facebook page to offer career advice to financial industry newbies, you can attract up-and-coming potential hires to your bank while also marketing to their peers who see their friends “like” your page. J.P. Morgan, for example, sometimes posts advice on going through the recruitment process.

4. Put a Little Personality Behind It

Stiff bank marketing talk doesn’t do it for anyone, especially not the social butterflies found on Facebook. To really engage with someone in the social sphere, you need to communicate like they do: use their language and take advantage of the ability to post pictures, videos, etc. Otherwise, your Facebook page might as well be an extension of your website. One good example of this was when Wells Fargo transitioned the last of the Wachovia branches over. Instead of linking to a boring press release from their Facebook page, they told the story by posting a visual of the last signs switching over. People see it, they get it, they remember it.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off Your Humanitarian Side

There’s a lot consumers don’t know about your bank, and involvement in community service projects is probably one of them. Not likely something found on your website, regular participation in charity and community projects is something that resonates with a lot of consumers and puts your brand in a positive light. So don’ t be afraid to use your Facebook page as a forum for community discussion and a way to show the world your philanthropic side.

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