I love seeing a brick-and-mortar store utilize its brand persona on Facebook to leverage real-world sales. C&A Brazil, a Brazilian clothing store, is taking fashion retail marketing to a whole other level by displaying real-time Facebook likes on its product hangers.

While others remain skeptical about how well this plan will work (as there is a disconnect between what consumers see online and what they see in the store), there is no doubt this is an innovative retail marketing idea for the fashion and apparel industry. Beyond the gimmicky aspect of this implementation, this store clearly knows the value of a social recommendation. The question is: how often will people trust the online recommendations of others when in the presence of the item? At the very least, it generates buzz about the brand’s Facebook page as well as its physical store. What do you think about this retail marketing idea? Can you think of an even better way to integrate social conversation about your products or services into real world sales?

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Image Source: venturebeat.com