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Digital + the Music Industry: Jingle Punks Interview Part One

Posted by amber


Asking Smarter Questions’ own Steve Parker, Jr. talks to Jingle Punks CEO Jared Gutstadt about the evolution of making music in the digital age. As Gutstadt puts it, “digital has been the most disrputive–in a good way–element of the entire industry.” Check out the interview…


Healthcare Marketing and the Internet: To Reach Older Adults, Target Caregivers

Posted by Jeff Adelson-Yan (@jeffadelsonyan)


By 2030, all Baby Boomers will have turned 65. Many health marketing are scrambling to find ways to target these older adults on the internet for all of their healthcare needs. However, older adults are one of the least likely groups to have internet access….


Finance Industry Leads in Mobile Advertising Budget

Posted by Jeff Adelson-Yan (@jeffadelsonyan)


It should come as no surprise that the finance industry is leading the mass expansion of mobile advertising budgets when one discovers that 80% of financial consumers use a smartphone. But toward what objectives are these financial companies optimizing their ad campaigns? Since financial mobile…


Explore London 2012: Facebook Marketing for the Olympics

Posted by Steve Parker, Jr. (@sparkerjr)


As I mentioned in a recent post, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is busy at work, creating a presence on multiple social media marketing channels for Olympics enthusiasts to get more involved in this summer’s spectacular in London. Marketing for the Olympics can’t be easy,…


‘Angry Birds’ Partners with the Eagles (the Original Angry Birds)

Posted by Jeff Adelson-Yan (@jeffadelsonyan)


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard mention of the hit mobile app Angry Birds, the game that has already resulted in one billion downloads, according to the Wall Street Journal (not to mention countless hours of lost productivity). Recently, the popular mobile…

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