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Resonate: Appealing to Your Presentation Audience

Posted by Lori


Whether you’re a brand or marketer, a CEO or product developer, you have likely had to present to someone at some point in your career. Did you know that how you present is as important, if not more so, than what you present? According to Nancy Duarte,…


CFOs + CMOs: The Disconnect is Real (And Avoidable)

Posted by Steve Parker, Jr. (@sparkerjr)


Earlier this year, a study was revealed on regarding how CMOs + CFOs communicate (or rather, how they don’t). CFOs said that they believed marketing data could positively impact the business, but 40% of them said that they didn’t think CMOs were trying to…


How To Be A More Effective Leader

Posted by Steve Parker, Jr. (@sparkerjr)

leadership image

There are tons of articles out there about being a good leader, and many of us find that the only really good way to accrue knowledge about how to lead people is through experience. As they say, “experience is life’s greatest teacher.” However, I have…


Goal: Recruit and Retain the Best Talent

Posted by Jeff Adelson-Yan (@jeffadelsonyan)


Let’s assume that–since you’re reading this blog–your company aims to be data-driven. But you may not be approaching hiring in the same way. We’ve all seen the conventional model: find a person who has a decent amount of education in a given or related field,…


5 Ways to Feel Happier + Increase Productivity At Work

Posted by amber


We’re focusing on health + wellness this month since it’s the new year, and we’re not just talking about business health. The people who comprise businesses have to be happy in order for the business to be a success. Did you know that employees in…

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