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Web Analytics Design Reference – A Must!

Posted by Amy Ard


If you’re familiar with the process of web analytics implementations, you are well aware of the efforts and resources that (should!) go into the setup of an analytics measurement tool. As your website evolves and ownership of reporting and digital measurement can exchange hands, you’ll…


Call Tracking: Choosing a Technology Provider

Posted by Brent Kahuda

call tracking

Previously we wrote about the virtues of implementing a call tracking program.  Call tracking can be applied to virtually any form of marketing and helps to bring clarity and direction to a marketing plan.  Next, let’s address the considerations you must make when setting up…


Better Business Through Technology: Logging Processes

Posted by RoryScott

logging process

As a manager, executive or business owner, would you consider not requiring your employees to track their time? The most likely answer is a resounding, “No,” even for exempt employees. The reasons for tracking employee time are numerous; a few might include payroll (for hourly…


Digital Analytics: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Posted by Chase Bruch

good bad and ugly

Consumers are researching, comparing and purchasing online now more than ever. As we move into a new year it’s a good time to reflect on how digital success is measured, what works and what doesn’t.   There is a theme throughout the digital environment of a…


Hello, Hello…Is Anybody Out There?

Posted by Brent Kahuda


Call tracking has been around for a long time but to some it still sounds a bit like a dirty term.  Bring up call tracking in a room of business owners and executives, marketing agency reps and consumers and you’re bound to get a variety…

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