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Paid Search: Positively Using Negatives

Posted by Cooper Long

positive negative match

Being a digital marketing firm, we frequently perform audits of paid search accounts. We’ve seen about every way – good and bad – a Google AdWords account can be organized. When it comes to keyword match types, even many basic accounts employ various match types…


Call Tracking: Choosing a Technology Provider

Posted by Brent Kahuda

call tracking

Previously we wrote about the virtues of implementing a call tracking program.  Call tracking can be applied to virtually any form of marketing and helps to bring clarity and direction to a marketing plan.  Next, let’s address the considerations you must make when setting up…


Keeping up with Paid Search: Review Extensions

Posted by Jeff Breunsbach


Back in October, Google rolled out third-party review extensions to all advertisers, releasing it from beta.  These extensions serve to provide advertisers with the ability to show potential users endorsements from reputable publications.  Within the Google AdWords online interface these are now accessible under the…


Meet DuckDuckGo: the Internet’s Privacy Search Engine

Posted by Lori


Imagine this scenario: one day while mining referral data (which you do often because, after all, you’re a data-driven marketer!), you come across a site with a funny kids’ game name: DuckDuckGo. Having never heard of this site, you type it into your search browser…


Facebook Advertising Influence on Paid Search Success

Posted by ToriTheiss


In recent years, Facebook advertising has experienced growth not only in the sheer number of advertising options, but also in the amount of dollars that are spent on this platform. As it’s grown, many marketers have wondered – what’s the value of advertising on this…

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