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Make Your 2014 Research Resolutions

Posted by Jevans

new years resolution

How was your 2013? Did you run in to a few roadblocks with data? Maybe putting together a report didn’t go as smoothly as you’d hoped? Now is the perfect time to start planning for 2014 and start the new year off with some “healthy”…


Social Conversation: Separating the Insights from the Noise

Posted by Jevans


A recent Mashable article took a fun approach in highlighting how social conversation can be mined to help gain insights into differences in consumer’s opinions and behaviors. In this article, researchers compiled public Facebook and Twitter posts and analyzed them for swearing in order to see…


Having Fun with Twitter, Football and Fan Sentiment

Posted by RoryScott


This Thanksgiving, while the Turkey was cooking in the oven and the television was warming up for all-day football, we decided to fire up the Twitter API to see what the Twittersphere was saying about the first game of the day: the beat-up Packers vs….


What’s Behind the Mask: Going Beyond the Numbers

Posted by Kelly Angus

behind the mask

Winning the social media conversation contest is important for any brand, be that a Fortune 500 company, a start-up, a superhero or even a villain. Mashable published an article last month examining the most buzzed-about superheroes and villains on social media. Batman won for the…


Resonate: Appealing to Your Presentation Audience

Posted by Lori


Whether you’re a brand or marketer, a CEO or product developer, you have likely had to present to someone at some point in your career. Did you know that how you present is as important, if not more so, than what you present? According to Nancy Duarte,…

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