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Email’s Role in Online Shopping

Posted by Lori

online shopping

In just the last six months, email open rates have increased 80% on mobile and tablet devices, according to a recent infographic produced by Optimind Technology Solutions, indicating that email clearly still has a place in today’s increasingly fragmented digital world. Additionally, the average return on…


Ask Smarter Questions of your Data

Posted by Steve Parker, Jr. (@sparkerjr)


Big Data has become a buzz word in our content-laden industry. People talk about it like it’s a mythical, unicorn-like creature instead of talking about tactical ways to leverage it. And if they do talk about leveraging it, they talk about the ways in which…


Dollar Stores + Improving Business Intelligence

Posted by amber

dollar stores

Did you know that dollar store chains are a 60 billion dollar revenue industry? I’ll wait for that to sink in. It’s probably not the figure you expected but it’s the correct one. These stores have continued to grow throughout the recession, too. That’s because they…


4 Trends to Watch in Footwear

Posted by Jeff Adelson-Yan (@jeffadelsonyan)

footwear trends 2013

Shoes get us to where we’re going. And they’re more than functional; they’re fashionable, a way to express ourselves. So it should come as no surprise that people are heading to the Internet in droves to look for shoes that go beyond the average pair….


Sporting Goods + Long Tail Search

Posted by Jeff Adelson-Yan (@jeffadelsonyan)

sporting goods

Many retail companies know that paid search is an incredibly useful asset. Paid search not only reaches the customers who are searching for your products, but it has an easily measurable outcome. That is, it’s easy to attribute how many paid search dollars generates a purchase….

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