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Facebook Advertising Influence on Paid Search Success

Posted by ToriTheiss


In recent years, Facebook advertising has experienced growth not only in the sheer number of advertising options, but also in the amount of dollars that are spent on this platform. As it’s grown, many marketers have wondered – what’s the value of advertising on this…


Using your Tools: Website Data Capture

Posted by Kyra Masuga

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As marketers, we are constantly trying to learn about our customers and how to best meet their needs. Luckily, as a company with a website, you have a huge advantage into understanding your customers’ behavior and purchase habits: your site’s data capture. Analyzing customers’ actions…


The Buck Doesn’t Stop Here: ROI Analysis

Posted by Jeff Adelson-Yan (@jeffadelsonyan)


You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “the buck stops here.” And that’s what many people may think when they have successfully completed a marketing campaign. They look over the metrics and say things like “this campaign garnered 40% more clicks than last year’s” or “there…


Learn the Fundamentals: Paid Search Optimization

Posted by Steve Parker, Jr. (@sparkerjr)


Last week we covered improvements you can make to your paid search ads themselves. As promised, this week we will focus on bidding and optimization. Learning the fundamentals here is paramount to your success, especially as you dive deeper into analytics and complex data.


Social Media ROI: A Response to Eric Savitz at Forbes

Posted by Steve Parker, Jr. (@sparkerjr)

Blaring on the homepage of yesterday was this intriguing headline: Here’s an overview of Mr. Savitz’s three points: 1. “The burden of numbers!” 2. “ROI has its roots in project finance – where the return was based on the cumulative cost of production – not just…

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