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Meet DuckDuckGo: the Internet’s Privacy Search Engine

Posted by Lori


Imagine this scenario: one day while mining referral data (which you do often because, after all, you’re a data-driven marketer!), you come across a site with a funny kids’ game name: DuckDuckGo. Having never heard of this site, you type it into your search browser…


Having Fun with Twitter, Football and Fan Sentiment

Posted by RoryScott


This Thanksgiving, while the Turkey was cooking in the oven and the television was warming up for all-day football, we decided to fire up the Twitter API to see what the Twittersphere was saying about the first game of the day: the beat-up Packers vs….


Capitalizing on 2014’s Top Client Buzzword

Posted by Lori


As we dive headfirst into November, a lot of recent conversations within our firm have surrounded 2014 planning and strategic digital marketing recommendations for the coming year. One resounding theme we have heard from our clients is a desire to create more personalized experiences for…


Introduction to Local Business Listings

Posted by Amyleigh Pellegrino

storefront_business listing

Consider this nugget: according to comScore, over 19 billion searches are performed on the top five search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Ask Network) per month in the U.S. – yep, you read correctly, that’s billion with a ‘b’! If you operate a local or brick…


Understanding Organic Traffic Without Keyword Data

Posted by Andrea Ansley

SEO traffic

Google is finally pulling the plug on the already-limited organic keyword referral data that can be collected through website analytics.  Google first started limiting organic keyword referral data in November of 2011 when referral data stopped including keyword data in instances when a user was…

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