Series: Dollars & Sense

You’ve been crunching the numbers all night and they seem to be leaping off the page and jumbling together. Your vision is blurring, you are losing hair and you aren’t getting anywhere with your budgets. With a rocky economy, now is the time to change the way you do business and run more efficiently.

Introducing the new series “Dollars and Sense” from Asking Smarter Questions. We are dedicated to improving businesses’ bottom lines by holding budgets truly accountable through business analytics and improving efficiencies across the board with intelligence solutions.

Improving your business’s efficiency will put you in great standing when it's time to balance the budget. The clock is ticking. Let’s get started.



Staying Ahead

How many times have you been hard at work and then some outside force – something unexpected – derails all your effort?  It’s painful and it’s frustrating. It takes a lot of effort to get re-focused, fix the issue, or work around it.  It’s even…

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Part 1

business teamwork - business men making a puzzle

Internal Affairs: Increasing Team Member Efficiency

“Dollars and Sense” is all about increasing efficiency in all aspects of your business. This is not just specific to marketing; we mean improving your business across the board. Things that you may not even consider affect your bottom line on a daily basis. To…

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Part 2


Crunching the Numbers: Determining your Budget

There are many factors that go into determining a holistic budget for digital solutions. These initiatives can include marketing, business intelligence and analytics designed to help grow your business. Here are a few things to consider when setting budgets for your digital initiatives: Goals What…

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Part 3

budget allocation

Where The Money Goes: Budget Allocation Tips

You have now decided what your overall marketing budget is for the upcoming period. But where should you invest these dollars? It can be difficult to decide what to allocate for tools, technology, analysis and the media spend itself including agency fees. First, we’ll discuss…

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Part 4

Stock Photos

A Helping Hand: Budget Management Tools

Today, we will be discussing budget management tools. If you’re not quite to this step, you can check out our articles on determining your budget and budget allocation. Budget management tools can range from free and easy to expensive and complex. Here are a few of…

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Part 5


Time is Money: Improving Time Management

Time management skills. They’ve no doubt been mentioned in every interview of which you’ve ever been a part. Employers are always wanting to know how employees manage their time and multi-task. Why? Because this skill can make the difference between being highly effective and just…

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Part 6


From Data to Dollars: Operational Change through Social Research

There are plenty of data sources out there that can help you create efficiencies and improvements in your brand or business. One commonly overlooked source is social research. We have written about the importance of social research many times, with its opportunities for proactive customer…

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Part 7


Leveraging Multiple Data Sources for Demand-Driven Marketing

Demand-driven marketing is the most cost-efficient (and budget saving) way to market your business. Based on several sources of in-market consumer data, as well as your internal sales data, you can create more efficient campaigns that will maximize your dollars and visibility to those consumers…

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Part 8


The Buck Doesn’t Stop Here: ROI Analysis

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “the buck stops here.” And that’s what many people may think when they have successfully completed a marketing campaign. They look over the metrics and say things like “this campaign garnered 40% more clicks than last year’s” or “there…

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