Series: Dream Big

Right now is the perfect time for reflection and goal setting. But how big should our goals be? And once we’ve established these goals, how can we implement steps to achieve them? We all need a little help and encouragement, which is why we’re introducing our new series: Dream Big.

With the “Dream Big” article series, you can expect to be given the tools needed to meet everyday challenges your business faces. Propel your brand forward with data-driven insights and leave behind the days of mediocre reports and convenience metrics. Asking Smarter Questions is here to help you achieve what could be.


dream big

Dream Big, Dream Smart

In our new series Dream Big, you will learn many ways to establish goals, reflect and measure those goals, gain encouragement and also how to implement the steps to achieve what you dream. So start dreaming… you have a lot left to accomplish. We all…

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Part 1

money flying out window

Goal: Reduce Waste in My Marketing Spend

Marketing budgets are full of wasteful spend. Especially with the heightened popularity of social media, companies are spending time and money without seeing a hard number ROI. Agencies are not providing adequate measurement to their clients and the result is wasted spend. Improving efficiency in…

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Part 2


Goal: Expand Visibility to My Target Audience

We often talk to businesses that want to expand their visibility online, but are not sure what platforms accomplish this best for the smallest price tag. The truth is that there are tons of ways to improve your visibility and reach your target audience, but…

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Part 3

Lost and Confused Signpost

Goal: Optimize Marketing + Website to Increase Business Success Outcomes

One goal we consistently hear from potential and current clients is minimizing cart abandonment and increasing conversions on their websites. Conversion optimization has many facets and can be different for various business models and largely depends on what the brand’s predominant key performance indicators (KPIs)…

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Part 4


Goal: Use Big Data to Predict Business Trends

Big Data is a hot topic. Heck, there’s a Harvard Business Review category dedicated to articles strictly about the “problem” of Big Data. But at ASQ, we like to think of Big Data as an opportunity rather than a problem. With all of the data…

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Part 5


Goal: To Better Align my Business with Consumer Needs

Consumers. You can’t always trust them to tell you exactly what they want, and it can be hard to determine their needs based on intuition. That’s why we always recommend making decisions about your business based on data. So what kind of data will help…

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Part 6


Goal: Measure Impact of Offline Events + Ads

One of the things that marketers, data scientists and advertisers alike love about digital is the opportunity to hold marketing truly accountable. That is, attribute true return on investment to digital initiatives. But you do not have to sacrifice accountability when measuring offline initiatives. There…

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Part 7


Goal: Recruit and Retain the Best Talent

Let’s assume that–since you’re reading this blog–your company aims to be data-driven. But you may not be approaching hiring in the same way. We’ve all seen the conventional model: find a person who has a decent amount of education in a given or related field,…

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Part 8


Goal: Convert Users Across All Screens

In the last year, smartphone subscriptions increased by 55%. Just over 50% of mobile users now utilize smartphones, which means big money for websites and ads that are mobile-optimized. With the growing use of mobile devices for searching, purchasing and more, many companies have struggled…

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