Series: Go Big or Go Home

You’re standing on the field. Your lungs seize up as you inhale a deep breath of cool autumn air. You run as fast as your legs can go until you collide head-on with your competition.

This is the moment that decides who will be victorious.

In the digital marketing sphere, you stand on that proverbial field to take home the win—the customers—every day. In this series, we will discuss tactics to help you size up the competition and stand victorious in paid search, search engine optimization, social media and analytics. When you let data drive your business, you can be the champion.



Are You a Game Changer?

In our newest series, Go Big or Go Home, we discuss analyzing and tackling the competition.  More specifically, we discuss tactics to help you evaluate your competition and win in various aspects of the digital game including paid search, SEO, social media, display and analytics….

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Part 1


SEO Competitive Analysis: Tackling the Tools

We’re beginning our “Go Big or Go Home” series with a piece on how to size up the competition in SEO (search engine optimization). We begin with SEO because it is truly important to lay the foundation for success on your website early on, thereby…

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Part 2


SEO Competitive Analysis: Beating The Other Guys

Now that you have used your free tools to see how your SEO competitors stack up, it’s time to dig a little deeper into their brand’s website for deeper competitive analysis. There are several things you need to look for in order to best assess…

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Part 3


The Xs and Os: How To Improve Your Paid Ads

You have done your SEO conditioning and made sure that your site is packed with content that is both easy-to-understand and informative. Your navigation is both user and search engine spider-friendly. You have title tags and meta data that support your most valuable keywords. Now…

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Part 4


Learn the Fundamentals: Paid Search Optimization

Last week we covered improvements you can make to your paid search ads themselves. As promised, this week we will focus on bidding and optimization. Learning the fundamentals here is paramount to your success, especially as you dive deeper into analytics and complex data.

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Part 5


Facing the Competition Head-On: Display Ads

Display advertising. It’s a powerful form of digital marketing because it integrates marketing and creative–a whole lot of creative. But let’s first talk about what the competition is like in display. It’s slightly different than paid search because while it requires fierce optimization tactics, it’s…

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Part 6


Display Ads: Tactics to Get the Win

Tactics are only useful if they align with the goals of your display campaigns. Therefore, setting your goals and implementing a plan to get there is the first step. However, if you have already done that, these are the tactics that will ultimately get you…

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Part 7


Throw Down the Social Gauntlet, No Matter Your Size

For the next two installments of Go Big or Go Home (our competition series), we are going to tackle social media tactics to compete in the social sphere. The great thing about social media is that it gives small businesses the unique opportunity to compete…

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Part 8


Beef Up your Business with Social Research

Competition in the travel industry is fierce, especially online. And since the travel and tourism industry has taken a bit of a hit in the last few years–with many people not being able to afford travel and choosing not to because of the headache–we are…

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