Series: Ready to Roll

You’ve made your goals and plotted your road to success. Now it’s time to implement + execute. As with anything, it’s best to have a process in place when venturing into any new territory. The Ready to Roll series is dedicated to breaking down the best holistic solutions to improve efficiencies across your business. We’ll go over the proper execution for initiatives like matching online media to offline sales, digital attribution and ROI analyses. Get your sweatband on; you’ll need endurance to succeed.



A Purpose for Everything

In our series Ready to Roll, we are exploring implementation and execution.  We are assuming at this point you have your goals and have also plotted your roadmap, but now you have to stick to it and sticking to it can be hard.  There are…

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Part 1

assess customers unmet needs

Do your Customers Have Unmet Needs?

Our new series, Ready to Roll, is all about how to act on everything you’ve been planning for the last few months. You now have your course of action for your business, all the tools you need to succeed, advice on where to go, what…

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Part 2


How Do I Assign Value to My Digital Properties?

Those familiar with traditional marketing tactics should be on board with incorporating a digital marketing strategy. Unlike billboards and television, digital initiatives offer the ability to track every cent. Site-side analytics make accurate measurement possible. But going above and beyond the normal measurement plan can…

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Part 3


How Can I Create a More Personalized Marketing Experience?

Hyper-relevancy: it’s a term we ought to get used to. It’s the foundational way that Big Data is changing the lives of digital marketers and consumers alike. In short, the data that we are now able to collect about our consumers’ behaviors online is giving…

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Part 4


Should I Consider Partnerships for My Business?

The Ready to Roll series is all about implementing holistic business solutions that translate into a better bottom line. But there is something else to consider, too: while you can do a lot of things, you may not be able to do everything. Over the…

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Part 5


How Can I Assess Performance for My Multi-Location Business?

Multi-location businesses can be tricky, especially if you don’t own the sales channel. Essentially, you’re playing a guessing game when it comes to assessing performance of individual locations and products. But there is so much more that you could be monitoring. The following are two…

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Part 6


How Can I Tell What My Competitors Are Doing?

While you’re on the road to success, you may often want to benchmark yourself against your competitors. It’s only natural–and it’s really smart. The fact is that even if your business is doing well, there is always room to improve efficiency. And a great way…

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Part 7


How Do I Improve Paid Media Efficiency?

When you’re implementing all kinds of new digital initiatives, you can make missteps. It’s understandable; there’s a lot to keep up with. One thing you cannot afford to do is sacrifice media efficiency. It’s likely a large part of your budget, so it’s important to…

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Part 8


How Can I Manage Complex Changes to My Business?

In this Ready to Roll series, we are talking about holistic business solutions that will change the course of your business for the better. But what about when the course of your business needs to be changed all together? Uncovering opportunities is great, but not if…

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