Series: Sink or Swim

The water is deep. And you’re struggling to breathe. You’re drowning in data, in questions, in options.

That’s what social media feels like when brands do not take advantage of all the available resources. They jump right into a sea of Supposed-Tos and they fail. They drown because they do not come prepared. Prepare yourself.

Introducing the new series “Sink or Swim” from Asking Smarter Questions. We are dedicated to data-driven results and never working off hunches or hearsay. Social media is not unnavigable; in fact, with the right tools and measurement, it can be easily measured to an exact return on investment. 



Sink or Swim: Let’s Talk Social

Social Media: the new darling of the Internet industry, of many industries. Some will have you believe it is a fad, others the proverbial silver bullet. The reality, which everyone seems to be overcomplicating, is that it is simply about relationships.  In this series we…

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Part 1


Social Intelligence Research: Dive Head First into Data

Social Intelligence Research is the first step in your journey to becoming a social brand, but it can leave you drowning in data.

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Part 2

social media help

Staying Afloat in a Sea of Options: Social Media Platforms

Your social networking options can seem endless and overwhelming. It’s easy to get pulled down by a momentous amount of options, but the key to making good decisions about your social presence is education.

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Part 3


Gold Medal Goals: Don’t Settle for Silver

What separates Olympians from athletes? The strength of their goals. There is much opportunity to achieve gold is social media, but only if you understand what tools your brand has at its disposal.

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Part 4


Game Time: Put Your Social Strategy into Play

The Olympic Games are like your social strategy: a lot of time, energy and dedication go into planning to ensure your top performance on game day. But in the end, the true test of how well you’ve prepared comes down to putting your strategy into…

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Part 5


Don’t Get Burned: Know What Your Customers Are Saying

We’ve all seen it happen in social media. A brand makes a statement or change to a policy and suddenly–a viral onslaught of disapproval. It can begin anywhere online with just one disgruntled customer. It’s important to monitor conversation about your brand so that if…

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Part 6


Don’t Put Your Head in the Sand: Measurement is Key

For our sixth installment of the “Sink or Swim” series, we will discuss the importance of measurement. It is often thought (and spoken aloud) that social media marketers can’t always assign ROI or a dollar amount to social media efforts. It is likened to billboards…

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Part 7


Bathing Suit or Swimsuit? Test your Social Messaging

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times. Test, test, test! Message testing is often associated with paid search, but it belongs in your social media strategy as well. While we recommend trying differing copy at various times and days of the…

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Part 8

stay studious: ongoing social optimization

Stay Studious: Ongoing Social Optimization

We all know that familiar feeling; summer is ending and it’s time to put on your Keds and go back to school. You’ve spent the summer doing awesome, social things and now you’re wondering where you’ll go from here. But believe us – there’s nothing…

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