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Having Fun with Twitter, Football and Fan Sentiment

Posted by RoryScott


This Thanksgiving, while the Turkey was cooking in the oven and the television was warming up for all-day football, we decided to fire up the Twitter API to see what the Twittersphere was saying about the first game of the day: the beat-up Packers vs….


How To Score in Social Media

Posted by Kelly Angus

how to score in social media

It is no surprise that brands around the world are integrating social media into their marketing campaigns. From Twitter and Facebook to Instagram and Pinterest, brands are putting their messaging out for everyone to see no matter the platform. And why not? In 2013 there…


How Fantasy Football Can Teach You to be a Better Data-Driven Marketer

Posted by Brent Kahuda


It’s time for the annual rite of passage that brings together people from all walks of life at the drafting table: Fantasy Football.  High school buddies, office colleagues, sorority sisters; it seems like everyone is getting into the action these days.  But what you may…


Marketing to Female Sports Fans: Apparel

Posted by Kelly Angus


Last week, I spoke about the untapped demographic of the female sports fan. Oftentimes, these fans are overlooked or misunderstood. The sports marketers who are able to appropriately research these fans and find out what they want will be able to leverage a much greater…


Female Sports Fans: An Untapped Sports Marketing Demographic

Posted by Kelly Angus


When someone asks you to picture your target audience for sports marketing, what comes to mind? Are the fans male or female? Did you automatically picture a group of guys sitting around watching the game together? Most people would envision males rather than females due…

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