When we at ASQ come across a webinar that provides innovative tools that can be integrated into digital marketing strategies, we’ll share our industry research legwork with you. We recently viewed “Deconstructing Your Competitor’s SEO Program” and pulled the following three key takeaways from the webinar:

1. Identifying your competition and streamlining the site assessment process
2. A variety of applications introduced for the various assessment phases
3. Valuable reporting ideas

In May, I signed up for this webinar and then got called into a last-minute meeting the day it was offered. The same scenario is repeated all too often, so it is helpful that webinars are still available long after they have ‘aired’. For SEO, it is important to analyze sites that are performing well on search engine results pages to identify ways to measure up. I regularly report competitive analysis to my clients, so I am always seeking out fresh perspectives on the subject. This past weekend I finally found time to fish through my email and link to the webinar event. Now I’m really glad I did.

Takeaway #1: Identifying your competition and streamlining the site assessment process
If you plan to devote some time and money to site optimization, I know having an SEO analyze your competition will help you understand what tactics are successfully driving traffic for the keywords you intend to target. When I say devote time, I mean it. When competitive analysis is done properly, it will be both time consuming and valuable. This webinar outlines the phases of competitive analysis clearly and candidly.

Takeaway #2: A variety of applications introduced for the various assessment phases
After listening to the presenter, you’ll see just how extensive competitive analysis is and will understand what I meant by time consuming. Now multiply those efforts by the amount of competitors you need to assess for all of your SEO keywords. Streamlining the process is essential to conducting the necessary research efficiently. This includes having the most valuable site measurement tools and reporting applications researched and available.

Takeaway #3: Valuable reporting ideas
Because an enormous amount of analysis goes into analyzing websites, it can be an arduous task reporting results to clients. I am already implementing the three-tier pyramid schematic used in this webinar into my reporting process. I believe outlining competitive analysis results using the pyramid as a continuous reference will help clients understand the competitive analysis reporting, as well as the SEO factors for their own sites.

If you decide to watch the webinar, come back to Asking Smarter Questions to let us know what you found insightful.

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