Remember the days when you had to physically go in to see your doctor or call in to the physician’s office, leave a message with the front desk and then wait days for a response when all you needed was a quick answer to your health-related question? As shown in this Levelwing health infographic, this is clearly no longer the case. With resources like WebMD or a simple Google search, people can quickly find answers to any of their health questions. One quick search provides patients with endless information regarding healthcare issues, prescriptions, hospital and physician ratings, symptoms, ailments… the list goes on.

So what?

This shift greatly affects the way you approach pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing. Having a deeper understanding of who today’s Internet users are and how they’re using the Web to search will better prepare you when it comes time to re-examine your marketing strategy. Armed with this information, you’ll have a better idea of where your company, brand or hospital should increase its online presence to reach a more relevant audience, as well as the messaging that best resonates with this audience.

Download Infographic: How People Use the Internet for Health Information