Young professionals prefer working at startups, according to a recent study published by Mashable. While the startup culture can be extremely arduous (bootstrapping or raising funds from VCs), it seems that young people prefer the more relaxed atmosphere. The coat and tie workday does not appeal to most. When asked which skills they feel the Gen Y population best possesses, they answered largely with digital (online) marketing, social media and technology development. Startups usually have less than 1,500 employees.

But why the draw to digital and startups? It seems that though the startup can be tumultuous at times, the perks are hard to come by in the corporate world. Here are some of the most surprising and amazing benefits that startups around the country offer their employees:

  • discounted or free gym membership
  • dog-friendly office
  • unlimited vacation and sick days
  • flexible work hours
  • casual atmosphere
  • free coffee, lunch and/or booze
  • happy hours
  • great insurance coverage
  • 401(k) / profit sharing
  • free taxi service

Startups are drawing the attention of young people because they are able to offer an exciting work environment. Some naysayers believe that with all of these perks comes a lack of productivity, but startup CEOs think differently. They say that when your team is happy, the work will not only be better, but more efficient.

Therefore, if you are looking to recruit online (especially young people), consider using your social media platforms to showcase your company’s culture. Perks like birthday celebrations, an open office floorplan or a breakroom with a foosball table warrant a post. You will not only entice prospective employees, but also prospective clients. Happy employees make for happy companies and happy companies do great work.

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