While fashion marketing in the publishing industry is an exciting field to be a part of, the pressure to produce creative, fresh, and fashion-forward content can be stressful. Conde Nast is taking a creative risk by releasing a mobile game demo called Fashion Hazard, sure to be “the chicest game” in the app store. Hoping to make its mark on the gaming world, the fashion publishing company introduced its mobile game at E3 in Los Angeles, one of the most popular gaming conventions in the world. The fashion marketing app is a product of Conde Nast’s Interactive Product Group (IPG), which focuses on smaller digital products not tied to individual magazine titles. The game – targeted toward teens and women in their early twenties – allows you to live the virtual life of a runway model.

For now, Conde Nast will be charging a small download fee for the app. It plans to monetize its mobile app further by incorporating sponsors and virtual items that can be purchased by users. Gamers will be able to use these items as they do their best to navigate the runways of New York, Milan, Paris and London. Only the skilled will survive the hostile crowds, photo ops and paparazzi attacks.

The scope of publishing and fashion marketing is shifting, incorporating digital media and the rapidly increasing trend of mobile advertising. Consumers are looking for a fresh way to receive and interact with your product. What do you think? Is Conde Nast on to something great or is interest in its mobile game likely to fizz out? Regardless, you can bet we will be seeing a shift in the fashion and publishing marketing worlds.

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