It’s hard to believe we are three quarters of the way through 2013, and yet here we are, approaching the last few, lingering days of September. Being the data-driven marketing firm that we are, we are constantly analyzing our initiatives – right down to the popularity of our blog, Asking Smarter Questions. And on this Throwback Thursday (#tbt), we thought we would share with you some of the best of 2013 based upon audience feedback, readership, engagement and onsite actions identified through our web analytics.

And now, in no particular order, the best of Asking Smarter Questions from Q1-Q3 2013:

Marketing to Women: Surprising Stats Show Purchasing Power Influence

When it comes to advertising to women, many marketers harbor misconceptions about who this demographic really is, what they’re interested in and how much influence they wield over purchase decisions. For the brands who do want to reach women, it seems there is a lot to learn – at least according to the target demographic. In fact, 91% of women say advertisers don’t understand them.

In this reader favorite, we examine a plethora of powerful stats compiled by MediaPost showing just how much of a priority understanding women should be for marketers looking to reach the most relevant audience with the most influence and purchasing power.

Words Have the Power to Change our Lives

Marry me! It’s a girl! You have cancer. We lost him. You’re hired! You’re fired. We won! We lost. Guilty. Not guilty.

In looking at these powerful statements, it’s easy to understand how a few simple words can have a profound effect on our life. In this popular throwback article, we examine how digital marketing is being continually shaped by the power of words, from hashtag analysis to search queries, from e-commerce to online demand.

The Millennial Generation: How to Effectively Target this Preoccupied Audience

The millennial generation is constantly engaged in multiple social media accounts, emails, text messages and mobile apps – simultaneously. It is the first generation whose members are known for sleeping with their laptops and cell phones. Millennials are constantly stimulated, yet perpetually seeking more. So how do you not only grab a slice of their attention, but also establish engagement?

Learn more about this powerful audience segment and their profound connection to all things digital.

Predictive versus Descriptive Analytics in Data Driven Marketing

What, you might ask, is the difference between predictive and classic descriptive analytics? The Relevancy Requirement puts it this way, “Think of it as historical versus future.” Historically being descriptive analytics, future being predictive.

In this definitive blog, we seek to better understand the uses, benefits and potential pitfalls of each type of analysis.

Five Steps to Improving your Brand’s Social Reputation Online

If you’ve implemented any kind of social strategy, your brand’s presence is likely peppered across multiple social channels. With so many different platforms to stay on top of, it can be difficult to manage your brand’s online social reputation. But don’t let your social strategy turn into multiple online identities.

In this blog, we discuss five tips from Mashable for managing, consolidating and cleaning up your brand’s social reputation. Although these tactics aren’t complex enough to make up a comprehensive online reputation management strategy, they are certainly a good start.

 Runners up:

Facebook Management: Parent-Child Functionality for Brand Pages

Email Subject Lines: 14 Tips for Effective Email Messaging

SEO Tips: 10 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Pinterest