Being a successful player in the digital marketing industry requires continuous research, exposure and testing of emerging technologies and marketing channels. Luckily for all digital marketers, industry professionals are ready and willing to share their digital marketing research. But how do you know which resources are worth your time?

There are countless people with varying levels of expertise in the industry reporting on their knowledge, data and digital marketing experiences. Of course, when resources are offered in spades, the challenge is segmenting the available content to isolate those who are asking the right questions. We have all wasted an hour of an already busy day watching a presentation that didn’t share any new insights we could bring back to our account teams. That’s where we’d like to help.

At Asking Smarter Questions, we often share industry research from interesting blogs and publications. I regularly take part in digital marketing webinars that provide insightful tactics I could potentially integrate into a marketing campaign, or that spark ideas for new innovations in the industry. Take advantage of our ASQ Digital Marketing Webinar Insights blog postings as a means of research reconnaissance. We will share our legwork for finding interesting webinars so you can use our commentary to decide if the webinar content would be valuable for your allotted digital marketing research time.

We will continue to contribute to your research efficiencies by regularly sharing links to webinars we find insightful. In turn, we invite you to come back to ASQ to discuss any insightful content you may uncover within the webinar.

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