Using YouTube just got better for data-driven marketers now that YouTube is offering video targeting exclusion option.

Data-driven marketers using YouTube should consider the new Exclusion Option which allows data-driven marketers to choose what videos and channels are most relevant to a brand.

The YouTube Exclusion Option will allow for more Control for Advertisers to Exclude Objectionable Videos, Genres, and Channels.

YouTube can be a great platform for advertisers, however there are pitfalls specifically if an ad keeps showing up next to irrelevant or damaging videos.

Example: A vegan company who may want to avoid hunting videos in their media buys

YouTube’s new feature is a heavily sought-after tool allowing advertisers to direct ads to videos and channels relevant to their customers and brand.

“Similarly, you might run a keyword-targeted campaign on bakery-related keywords, and exclude whole channels that you don’t feel suit your audience,” said Baljeet Singh. “So if FoodNetworkTV has videos centered mostly around cooking meat dishes, you have the controls to prevent ads from showing on that channel.

Want more examples?

* Purina dog food probably doesn’t want the recent viral video of the girl throwing puppies into the river connected with their brand – exclude.

* A local cupcake boutique doesn’t want the Tosh.0 hit video featuring a woman choking during a cupcake competition – exclude

* And we bet Victoria Secret’s doesn’t want the recent news clips about bed bugs infesting their New York Stores connected every time someone YouTube searches for Victoria Secret’s runway shows – double exclude.

See how this could be a great tool for digital marketers?

Better targeted placement will allow advertisers to control their brands and better target their ads around the appropriate videos, stripping away the entire negative connotation that can easily get caught up in the search.